Stubbins is an industrial village in the southern part of the Rossendale Valley, Lancashire. It is half a mile north of Ramsbottom town centre on the A676 between Bolton and Edenfield. For local government purposes, it receives services from Rossendale Borough Council and Lancashire County Council. Nearby are the hamlets of Chatterton and Strongstry. Much of the land to the west of the village is in the care of the National Trust and consists of hillside pasture and woodland leading up to Holcombe Moor and Peel Tower. The adjoining parkland (at Chatterton) was given to the people of the district of Ramsbottom as a peace memorial by the Porritt family. The village public house (now private offices – redeveloped in 2006), the Corner Pin, was originally the Railway Hotel, recalling the days when the village was still served by Stubbins railway station. This branch of the line is still used by the East Lancashire Railway to run regular weekend steam services between Rawtenstall and Bury. The second line now provides an attractive walk to Irwell Vale. Col. A.T. Porritt gave much of the nearby countryside to the National Trust in memory of his son, Richard, who was killed in the Second World War.