Knowsley is a large village and civil parish within the Metropolitan Borough of Knowsley in Merseyside, England. It is more commonly known as Knowsley Village.

Historically a part of Lancashire. It gave its name to the wider borough when it was formed in 1974. The parish includes Knowsley Hall and Knowsley Safari Park. There are three main built-up areas in the parish: the village of Knowsley, the nearby business park in the north west, and in the south-west a suburban area including Stockbridge Village and the northern fringe of Huyton. To the west of Knowsley is the area of Woolfall Heath.

The name derives from the Anglo-Saxon Cēnwulfes lēah, meaning “Cēnwulf’s meadow”. When the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Northumbria overran the Celtic kingdom of Rheged, the village was likely taken over or founded by an Anglo-Saxon called Cēnwulf (which translates as Keen Wolf).